Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Floyd L Wray: A Man for Port Everglades

Floyd L. Wray: A Man for Port Everglades
 A Story of the Beginnings of Port Everglades from the
Flamingo Gardens Archives

Floyd Wray is known for growing citrus and founding Flamingo Groves, but few people know that Wray was elected one of the first commissioners of Port Everglades in 1931.  He was an unwavering force in transforming Bay Mabel Harbor into a major international facility at Port Everglades in five short years.  Wray was reelected by a landslide for the following term, but the election results were disputed and political upheaval tied up the port for close to six months until June 1935. Ultimately Wray never served a second term, despite his tremendous contributions to Port Everglades.
Floyd L. Wray 1931